MMA Conor McGregor fighter has become a millionaire – he turned shocking conversations into an empire plus $150 million.

Conor McGregor, one of the most famous professional fighters in the world, knows the importance of a big dream, even when you feel caught in a desperate situation.

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The 30-year-old former badminton and athletics champion has moved from the luxury and lightweight championship to belting mixed martial arts tournaments and making millions of dollars in pay days.

The list of things I can’t do to get a hundred million dollars is too short.

You can’t pay me enough to stand there and let it kick me off the tar for 30 minutes.

This is one of the many things that prove I’m not Connor McGregor.

McGregor is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion. He is the biggest star in mixed martial arts. McGregor spent a year beating moves because he knew he would never win.

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As you can see, in order to be competitive, a UFC fighter needs to train in five or six different modes. Boxers are just worried about boxing. There’s no way an amateur boxer like McGregor gets in the ring and co-stars with Floyd Mayweather.

Claim the battle seems crazy. So you realize that winning the game was never the goal. All he wanted to do was step into the ring, as that fight was part of a fantastic marketing plan that more than doubled its value.

I earned him $ 100,000,000 overnight – and that’s not bad for those who repaired toilets and lived on food stamps in 2013.

The simple trick that helped him get there (with no natural combatant talent, of course) was to imagine his success and then achieve it. “Always picture. You see how you win, you win. You visualize good things. Tell CNBC ‘Let your dreams come true.’

From luxury to hero

As a teenager, McGregor was a trained plumber in Dublin. He eventually settled on the plumber profession (“I didn’t love plumbing,” he told The Guardian in 2015) and left his job to become a professional fighter in MMA.

2008 Nineteen-year-old McGregor made his debut in Dublin, winning his first two matches and making himself famous in Ireland over the next five years. He only missed two of his 14 MMA matches in five years.

But money was still scarce with no day-to-day work, and McGregor did not sign a contract with the UFC, the organization that offered top-level competition to the mixed martial arts fighter until 2013. Fighting lower level MMA games.

“When things went bad, when I didn’t have a job, I worked in business;

In other words, McGregor filmed his victory in the after match, where he got a UFC contract and won the championship belts. This positive thinking helped him overcome times when it was easy for him to question his fighter’s career.

2013 only April He collected his final sponsorship check (valued at approximately $ 220) just days before the first fight with a UFC member. McGregor won that game and received a check for $ 60,000.

McGregor landed his first UFC championship belt in 2015, just two years after signing his first contract with a top-tier MMA, becoming the best fighter in his weight category. He has since won the UFC Championship in two weight classes (badminton and athletics), though he later lost those titles, including his last UFC match with slight disappointment to Nurmagomedov in October 2018.

Despite the loss, McGregor earned $ 3 million. That’s still nothing compared to the $ 100 million he earned by losing effort when he was in 2017. Wrestled with boxer Floyd Mayweather. 2018 Forbes McGregor ranked 12th on the list of the most lucrative celebrities, with $ 99 million in annual revenue, of which $ 14 million comes from his endorsement of brands like Monster Energy and Reebok.

Why join a battle you can’t win?

So why would McGregor want to climb the boxing track with someone like Mayweather? To understand, let’s take a look at his workplace in 2016. At the end.

It’s profitable. He has a loyal fan base. This can be easily recognized, but only in a small niche market. So what happens next? How does it grow?

Imagine being a successful author in a small place. She writes mystery science fiction novels and wants to make more money. What can you do?

You have two options.

You can work to death trying to find a bunch of people who read such books who don’t know who you are already.

You can co-write a book with Stephen King and get direct access to his endless army of fans.

And what if Opera or Doctor Oz would fall behind on her diet and force her into tens of millions of fans? Stores will not be able to store cabbage on shelves. There is no faster way to get out of a place than to associate your work with the right influencer.

Proper No Twelve is also already the most watched mood brand on Instagram, notes Axelrod with more than 570,000 followers. (Jameson has more than 146,000 followers on Instagram, and McGregor himself has more than 30 million.)

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You need more influencers than they need.

Why do you think Mayweather got four times as much salary as McGregor?

Why do you think they fought in a boxing ring instead of an MMA style cage battle where McGregor would win?

Because McGregor has to fight. Mayweather did not.

At every turn, McGregor had to make sure Mayweather looks better, gets more exposure, and makes more money. If you watch this video above and think, “Wait a minute, McGregor did nothing but talk about Mayweather’s garbage of the year.” You’re right.

McGregor spent months talking about how far he had come to Mayweather.

Then they rose to the ring. There was not a second from that fight where no one questioned Mayweather’s control. He dominated that battle from the opening of the bell until he decided to pull McGregor out of the 10th round. Take an additional note with the word “decided”.

The only thing I did during those months of negotiation was to make Mayweather look like a boss.

If you want to get the main effect advertising you, you should be prepared to do the same.

Don’t offer them 40%. Commissions Commissions, We give them 90 percent.

Promote them to your audience without any restrictions.

Talk to them about every opportunity you have. If you look to the media, be sure to mention what motivated them and how they impacted your success.

And do everything you can to make it look good.

If you can do that, there will be influential players to help grow your business. I know because I work with them. They are waiting for people like you.

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