The Art of Percentage Dowsing: When Precision Matters




Written by Sandhriel Ph.D., Cha~zay.


This book is for intermediate dowsers who require accuracy and precision when dowsing. It is perfect for those who prefer a more analytical approach to dowsing, and those who want more than just yes, no, or maybe answers.

•Percentage Dowsing is about getting exact accuracy rates to any question or statement.
•Percentage Dowsing is about discovering success or failure rates for your idea, plan, investments and more.

No matter the question or topic, by the end of this book you will know the exact accuracy rate or success or failure rate by using a percentage scale.

•If you knew that your investment or new project will yield in only a 5% success rate, would you move forward?
•If you knew that asking for a promotion today would result in a minus-50% rate of success, would you choose to wait for a more auspicious time to ask for a promotion?

Know before you ever get involved or spend a dime!

Percentage Dowsing is great for those who work with numbers, finances, real estate, stock market or those who prefer to approach dowsing in a left-brained, logical manner.

The techniques taught in this book can also be applied by healers and those in the medical field or any other health-related field where accuracy and precision matters.


• Percentage Dowsing Charts
• Integrity and Dowsing
• Practice Exercises
• List of Global Dowsing Associations


“I thought I knew everything about dowsing. This book alone taught me more about dowsing than what I learned in my entire life. A must-read.” Stephen Coldwell


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